Create Bootable USB – Part 1 – YUMI

If you have a problem booting with CD/DVD, you have an option to use USB.

This post will guide you to create a Bootable USB Drive.

Download YUMI Multiboot Creator. Insert the USB Drive.

Run YUMI as Administrator.


Click I Agree (*Obviously you will do without reading the License Agreement) and select the USB Drive from the dropdown list.


Now, select the distribution that you need from the list of available Distributions.

I’ve already downloaded Fedora Workstation 64bit OS ISO. So, I’ve selected Fedora from the list.

You can optionally download the required ISO using the tool.

Click Browse to select the downloaded ISO.


Click Create to start the process. YUMI now shows the actions that are to be performed and requires your consent.

Click Yes to proceed.


Click Next to continue. If you need to add some other OS to the list, you can click Yes and start the process from the beginning.


Make sure to uncheck Format Drive option to have multiple OS, else the existing OS will be erased from the drive.

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