Creating a Virtual Machine using VMware Player

To all those who are new to virtualization, you can learn about it in VMware’s official site.

A pretty good tool to create Virtual Machines is VMware Player, which is free for Non-Commercial use.

Download and Install the same. And once you are ready, follow the below steps to create your first Virtual Machine.

To start with, download an Operating System of your choice. In my case, I’m using Ubuntu.


Click Create a New Virtual Machine.


You can see that you have three options, you can select the ISO that you downloaded or you can use a OS CD/DVD if you have.


Click Next and give the username and password for your new installation.


Click Next. You can set the desired disk size.


You can see the summary of the Virtual Machine. Click Customize Hardware and add or remove hardware to your Virtual Machine.



Click Finish. And your Virtual Machine will start.




Once the installation is finished, you are ready to go.

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