Getting started with WordPress


From this tutorial series, we would explain to set up and start working on WordPress.

For guys who are new to WordPress, it is a CMS (Content Management System), used to create and maintain websites, blogs etc.

Install XAMPP or WAMP.  For XAMPP, WordPress easy installer module is available with Bitnami. For WAMPP, you can download WordPress and extract it to www folder in WAMP installation folder.

Now open your browser and enter localhost/wordpress/


You will get to this page. Now select your language and click Continue.


Click Let’s Go. 


Now you can see that wordpress requires your database name, username and password.

Open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create a new database named wordpress. (You can set any name)


To do that click New and enter the name of the database and click Create.

Now open the wordpress installation tab and enter the details. Now, click Submit.


If the details that you entered are right, you should reach this page.


Click Run the Install. Enter the required details.


Now click Install WordPress.


Click Log In. Enter Username and Password and click Log In.


After validation, you will be taken to WordPress dashboard as shown below.


Now your blog is published. You can check this by visiting localhost/wordpress/


Keep visiting the blog as we continue posting more posts on developing and customizing WordPress.

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