IP Address – A Beginner’s Guide to IP Addressing

InternetProtocolv4 Pictorical Representation

IP Address - What's it ?

A 32-Bit Address that we use to identify the devices in the network. A Bit (Binary Digit) can hold either 0 or 1.

IP Address has 4 sets of 8 bits seperated by .(dots). Example :

In Binary, the address is written as, 11000000.10101000.00000000.00000101.

So, to say,

First IP -

Last IP -

Total Number Of IPs - 4294967296 ie., 232

Like to find your IP ?

  • Command Prompt (Windows)
    > ipconfig
  • Terminal (Fedora)
    > ifconfig

Download the visual representation for easy understanding. Feel free to post comments and questions.

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