Remove Shortcut virus from USB drive

Got all your files and folders in your USB drive as shortcuts??

Recovering the files is simple enough..

Try these steps… Run Command Prompt as Administrator.

(Start – Type cmd.exe – Right click- Run As Administrator).

Make sure of your drive letter. (Example – Removable Disk(F:) – F is drive letter here).

Type the following commands given in quotes. (Type without quotes

F:” and hit Enter.

attrib -s -h /s /d *.*” and hit Enter.

The contents on the disk becomes visible.

Still you have the shortcuts.

You can delete it by simply pressing Shift+Delete or using the command “del filename.extension” in Command Prompt.

Before you delete Shortcut Virus using the above method, You have to stop all running processes of the Virus using Task Manager.

Press the key combination “Alt + Ctrl + del” or “Shift + ctrl + Esc” to open Task Manager.

Select the running process of the virus, Example “Videos.exe“. The name of the Virus that you see in the USB drive.

Right Click and select “End Process Tree”.

Now go to Command Prompt and delete the virus using the command

del Videos.exe“.

Also delete the associated files like autorun.exe. 

That’s it! If you need any assistance do write to us.

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