Resetting Windows Password – Part 1

Resetting Windows Password

Resetting Windows Password

Many might have this question. How to reset a Windows password?

Here we go with our solution.

Go to and download any Live Operating Systems. I’d recommend  Slitaz because of its size.

Alternatively, you could also use Ubuntu or any other Operating System that you have or if you are using a dual boot, you could use the second Operating System to reset the windows password.

Use a ISO Burning tool to burn the downloaded ISO to CD. You can download Burn CD CC to create a bootable CD or DVD.

If you prefer to use USB drive instead, use YUMI to do the same. You could also use Rufus or Unetbootin or any other tool that works for you.

Once done, restart your computer and insert the removable disk (USB drive or CD), then boot from it.

Once you are in, use the File Manager to access the files in partition where Windows is installed.

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32 (drive letter may be different). Take a backup of Utilman.exe.

Now delete Utilman.exe and rename cmd.exe as Utilman.exe.

Now remove the removable disk and restart your system to Windows Operating System.

Click “Ease of Access” button in the Logon page. This will trigger Command Prompt as we have replaced the files.

Now type the command “net user username password” in Command Prompt. Replace username with the user for which you want to reset password. Replace password with new password that you wish to have and hit enter.

For instance, the command goes like this,

net user test pass

Here “test” is the user account that I want to reset password. And “pass” is the new password for the user account test.

You will receive “The command completed successful”. Now new password has been set.

Thanks for reading & sharing.

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