SemiCode OS – Developer’s Operating System

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SemiCode OS

SemiCode OS is an Ubuntu based Operating System developed for Developers.

Most popular programming languages, editors, compilers, IDEs are included with the OS bundle. 

List of tools inbuilt :

Atom, Sublime Text 2, Scratch, Squeak, Arduino IDE, GIMP, R, Firefox Browser, FileZilla, Slack, BlueFish Editor, Brackets, Code:: Blocks IDE, Devhelp, Eclipse, Geany, Glade, GNU Emacs 23, Kiki, MonoDevelop, MySQL Workbench, Ninja IDE, QtOctave, Sqliteman, GNU Octave, dconf Editor.

All these tools are ready to use thus reducing lots of problems that you have installing these tools.

SemiCode OS features DuckDuck Go as the default search engine.

As Slack, Git and other major tools are bundled, this Operating System is a great way for team collaboration and is best for Company's project.

SemiCode OS features Sarah, the OS assistant, who can do the tasks for you. To say, Sarah is your new girlfriend. 

This release is a beta release which doesn't give official support for installation. But, you could wait for such an good Operating System to solve your installation and configuration worries. 

Some useful Sarah commands:

$ sarah watch titanic
Name : Titanic 
Year of Releasing : 1997
Movie or Series : movie
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates
Ok I will watch it because it got 7.7 on imdb

Credits: SemiCode OS - Sarah Github

Have a look at the first impression video below.

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