What’s the difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit OS?

Often we’d have come around these terms 32-bit 64-bit supported OS and processors. We may or mayn’t know about them completely.

Now, Let us know about them a little bit here.

First what’s a Bit referring here?

The word “bit” refers to the way how our computers deal with the information in binary, where all the data is listed as a string of digits which can either be a 0 or a 1.

Each of these digits is known as one bit, meaning a 32-bit processor can process 32 digits(or bits) at once and 64-bit processor can process 64 digits at once.

Normally, A processor or CPU contains a number of registers, address buses, logical circuits etc.(We’d have studied that in our text books!!)

So, A 32-bit register can store 2^32 different values or 4 gigabytes in it. However, in the 64-bit, the register can store 2^64 values that amount to 16EB (exbibytes) of RAM.

Where 1 EB(exbibyte) = 1,074,000,000 GB(More than a Billion Gigabyte)!!. Theoretically, A 64-bit processor could work with 17 billion GB of RAM. Wow, that’s an enomorous amount of data.

Wikipedia says about 64-bit computing as “A 64-bit register can store 2^64(over 18 quintillion or 1.8×10^19) different values. Hence, a processor with 64-bit memory addresses can directly access 264 bytes (=16 exbibytes) of byte-addressable memory.”

How to find if our Computer is 32 bit or 64 bit?

Easiest way to find if our Computer is 32 bit or 64 bit, is by using the program created by Steve Gibson of Gibson Research Corporation called SecurAble.


This is a simple program(115 kb only) does not require any setup or installation. The executable file can simply be run as a stand-alone Windows installer and it and makes no changes to the system registry or file system.

Using the correct bit OS and Software our Processor will help us to get the best out of our systems.

Differences between 32-bit and 64-Bit:

The main difference between them is the speed they operate. This doesn’t mean that 32 bit is slower, however We can see the difference while using Auto CAD, Android Studio or many other heavy applications.

Since, a 64-bit OS can handle large amounts of memory than a 32-bit OS, it can be more responsive and fast while running several programs at the same time and switching between them frequently. A 64-bit processor performs best with 64-bit software, if available.

On a 32-bit operating system, we are restricted to a maximum of 4 gigabytes of RAM. On a 64-bit operating system, we virtually do not have a limit or upto 16 EB of RAM.

We can’t use 64-bit applications in 32-bit running OS but most of the programs designed for a 32-bit version will work on 64-bit version. There are exceptions that many antivirus programs, and some hardware drivers won’t work in the 64-bit system. However the support for the 64-bit programs are constantly increasing.

Knowing the importance of the 64 bit architecture, Apple and Google released 64 bit powered OS and processors in their recent devices.

Finally, we always recommend you to go for 64 bit processor and OS, since they are the future technology and they are currently used and developed widely.

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